Thursday, April 3, 2008

Japanese lady officer

If you are a resident who interest in casual fashions and cosplay, since two years ago, you must be know Monaca. They finally got their own sim and making new items. Stay tuned !

Harajukubox Town
(It's so quite, quiet town alike real Japanese uptown)

high design - eyelashes 7 - black REAL

high design - HD - Dark eyes real 91

AOHARU - Samantha01c(Espresso)

Monaca - Police Woman (It is a test version, it might be released soon... I modified this skirt length as micromini...*blush* I think my skirt shrunk in the wash)

Mischief - Panty Raid - HotDots - Fuscia

Shiny Things - Vintage Pumps, black


Anonymous said...

It's too bad half the people there are sort of rude though and when you speak japanese to them they just type in english. There's no houses for rent which sucks. It would be better if the creator sold variations of some of the bigger homes at least.

Liqueur Felix said...

Oh really. Most of people who I've met there are so gentle though. May I ask you what kind of rude rejoinder did you get?
Did you think how come they do not speak Japanese? That's an easy question...may I suggest? Because of they are not Japanese at least in real life. I consider they are just fan of Japanese culture.

If you want to meet real Japanese people in Second Life, may I suggest you should go Harajuku sim instead of Harajukubox. Almost all people who lives in Harajuku (and adjoining city) are living in Japan in real life, they ethnicity is also Japanese. Instead, they do not want to speak English as you may guess know.

By the way, would you kindly post a comment with unique name next time? I do not want to call you anonymous man. Post under an assumed name if necessary. Anyway, thank you for comment.

Anonymous said...

Hey I don't have an account on here and I'm at work so I didn't want to make one. I wish the creator of those homes would sell them. Unless you know of a place that has those same kinds of homes? That's about the only them semi authentic i mean I'd rather have one of those then buy another goth guy's version of a Japanese temple. Just want a house really, that sim is sort of not authentic in look but the houses as I said are okay. Let me know if you know of any homes. Many people on my friends list who are Japanese too would love to have one.

Liqueur Felix said...

Ah, you do not have to create your own google or OpenID account for identity(select the check box for Name/URL). Because of I can never tell you from the other when someone posted as anonymous. Thank you for your trouble.

Well, how about send message to creator via IM ? I often do that when the object is currently not on sale.
Besides, I think Higashiosaka sim has some prefabs alike showa era Japanese house. Randy Kamaboko from Nagaya used to sell nice textured Japanese prefabs a year ago though, I am not sure he sells them still. I have no doubts about the propriety of them.

I will let you know if I found those same kinds of homes.

anonymous person now using name =) said...

Higashiosaka is set to private or something. Finding a house like the kind in that one sim is hard to find.

Liqueur Felix said...

How would you like to be addressed? anony? *chuckles*

Oh really? Let me see... uhuh, neither could I.
Maybe the sim is under reconstruction or something.
The sim owner is offline right now, I will ask him later.

Indeed, houses from the Age of civil wars are everywhere, but there's few authentic Japanese-style house in Second Life. Besides, these are hard to find...even though I am Japanese.

nonymous person now using name =) said...

I am searching hard for a building of good quality like this. I have been to probably over 500 sims now, nothing. Just temples with Chinese bottoms(foundations) which is odd. Anyway, please let me know if you find something. I wish the people in thar Harajukabox sim would sell all of those houses. I might have to make them it is taking too much time to locate this.

Liqueur Felix said...

Guess what anony, the sim is temporally set to private, but the sim owner Budo introduced me that prefabs creator Donpatchy.
She operates in a makeshift store on her private property, that has two freebies. It's a bit old town/hobo taste though I can tell you those are authentic Japanese houses.

She tolds me she will make more Japanese taste buildings and might be opened her own store.

anonymous person now using name =) said...

hey Liqy, thank you. Will check them out right away. Keep me posted though if you see anything else. I am looking for more. AH on an off note I noticed someone had Amerie's Naughty stockings without all the ripping. Have you seen these anywhere? I checked her main store but I didn't see them there, just the ripped one.