Monday, April 28, 2008

elfin apprentice sorcerer

Realm of Aledar
(Medieval High Fantasy / DaVinci Steampunk roleplay area)

INSOLENCE - Lula Medium Eyelashes

high design - HD - Dark eyes real 92

fascino - Asimmetria Brown

Caverna Obscura - White Witch

Caverna Obscura - Witch Booties

Illusions - Mystic Ear: Poison

Bare Rose - Earl's Ivory Daughter Weapon (from Operetta : Earl's Ivory Daughter outfit)

ARC : 1,362


Loli Nori said...

Beautiful outfit and photos as usual! :D

Do you use a facelight in your pictures? The lighting is gorgeous.

Garrett Hax said...

Those pictures are outstanding, every set just gets better and better. Makes me think of Warcraft, nice job :D

Liqueur Felix said...

Hello Lori ! Your comment is the best cheerer-upper for me, Thanks !

Yes I do use modest light for iluminate my face while I taking a picture.
Here's a specifics rundown of my facelight :

light one
Intensity 0.451
Radius 0.500
Falloff 0.550

R254 G229 B214 Hue23 Sat95 Lum92

light two
Intensity 0.447
Radius 0.450
Falloff 0.200

Red 200 Green 253 Blue 254
Hue 181 Sat 96 Lum 89

Besides, I use the facelight with or without the use of impromptu bodylight.

Liqueur Felix said...

I wish I could much sexier though :( Thank you garrett !
You gave me a comment most of time that makes me happy !

Garrett Hax said...

I think they are very sexy, provocative without being over the top. That's sexy to me.

Liqueur Felix said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Liqueur Felix said...

Thank you for comment again Garrett !
That's a relief to hear...

or should I rather to encompass my breasts? *giggles*

Garrett Hax said...

lol, they are sexy pictures :D you did a great job, I'm looking forward to the next ones, I'm still using the fourth when the rain falls as my desk top and the computer. I might change it for one of the Elfin ones ;)

Liqueur Felix said...

Do you think so? Thank you for such a nice compliment Garrett !

I will add more pictures as is conventionally done.