Sunday, March 30, 2008

Coquettish Lolita

Kyoot Army HQ
(They have great shops on the sim , also good for explore)

Celestial Studios - Lashes - Classic 3

high design - HD - Dark eyes real 91

AOHARU - Catherine01c(Espresso)

Bare Rose - Vanessa (My request item, yay ! slightly modified transparency)

H&U Designs - Wedge goth--(Enamel- Black)

Body Langu - *SLC*POSE08(P4)
amiko*amikino - *amiko* Nekoko_1
Body Langu - *SLC*POSE06(P4)
Body Langu - *SLC*POSE15(P4)


Dark River said...

You make the most amazing pictures!

Liqueur Felix said...

Thank you for your compliment , dark river ! I appreciate it.

Klara said...

Hello Liqueur.
You make fantastic photos but what I find the most fantastic is the huge work on the informations you give. When people look at SL pictures they often wonder " Wow nice outfit she has on this pic ! where is it coming from ?" And you do a terrific job in giving us all those precious details about every items shown on your beautifull pictures.
I'm really impressed and very thankful !
So Thank you ! Thank you and thank you again !

Liqueur Felix said...

Oh...I am very happy to hear such compliments ! I appreciate it too klara !
I didn't like to copy and paste slurls much, but it was worth it.

I am glad to have been of some help to you !