Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tuxedo Cocktail Dress

Sioxie Legend sent me well-looking the SWA Tuxedo Cocktail Dress. I knew she's good at swimwear though, I wonder why I didn't notice that before, she's good at formal wear too.

Shown in Babyblue color.
Blue,Emerald,Black and Crimson.It's beautiful behind isn't it?White,Gold,Pink and Peuce.

Actually, I believe she has a 30% to 50% off sale on now. November 10th is Sioxie Legend's Rez-Day(I can remember clearly the day because of my Rez-Day is November 11th!)I am sure you will be able to find a bargain.

The Lounge

Lace Top,Lace Cami,Silk Gloves and Bowtie
Second Wave Apparel - the SWA Tuxedo Cocktail Dress

Hair (order by shown)
Celestial Studios - (CS) Carrie Hair - Shadow

Zero Style - * 0 Style *Mana_Blonde_M
Zero Style - * 0 Style * Kristin *(Black)_M
Celestial Studios - Annie May Hair III - Shadow
Beebee - Beebee - Artic - Ecru

Zero Style - * 0 Style *Xiavy0.2_Blond_M
H2L - -=H2L=- Aya PlatinumBlond (middle)
ETD - ETD Anisa - Dirty
Armidi - Armidi Hair - The Soho - Midnight I