Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tips : Conference Chat

How to not bother people who are not interested in you guys chit-chat or can not read 2-byte character font.

1) Create folder whatever you want. "Tableau Chat" e.g.
2) Just drag calling cards that people who you want to talk into the folder
3) Right click the folder, then "Start Conference Chat"

or just pick up some calling card with holding down ctrl-key and start conference chat. It's easy...I thought everyone knews that though I wonder why some people don't use this function during a concert. I wrote this article for the record.


Anonymous said...

Didn't know if you just didn't want to mention it or if you didn't know, but here it is, also if they're all on your friends' list, you can highlight their respective names while pressing CTRL and then hit the "IM" button.

Liqueur Felix said...

I've heard that from my friend though
I didn't try that before post somehow.

Anyway, thanks for suggest me anonymous man !